The mad golf scientist

Harry Stassen is a Doctor, a real one as a matter of fact, officially schooled as a dentist but this guy is a lot more to offer the world than fixing a cavity.

I call him “the mad golf scientist” because he uses his previous training of details and precision within his golf business, he accepts not the standard answer without it being scientifically or mathematically proven.

If he is not satisfied he simply conducts the research he needs to find his answer, no matter how many hours involved he will get to the core of the problem that he is trying to uncover.

His knowledge comes through a massive amount of research, time and experience. He is the person I call on when I or others need expert professional advice.

He is the type of person who you can have a conversation with and in a blink of eye will directly begin to find a solution.

I personally don’t know anybody who has the knowledge in golf club building and especially with regards to the shafts than Harry.

Thomas White
Former Titleist Fitting Works Performance Engineer